This masterclass provides a practical foundation for managers and directors from all sized organisations on the drafting, administration and enforcement of commercial contracts and contract law. 
Focusing on key elements of contractual obligations to manage risk, audit contracts and improve dispute resolution methods as we transition through and beyond a Covid-19 environment.
In just one day, you will learn how to avoid the risk of drafting unenforceable contracts, lower the risk of unforeseen contractual obligations and learn how to ‘get tough’ when enforcing contracts.
Most importantly, learn to do this without seeking a lawyer’s advice, and quicker – freeing up your time to make better business decisions and save money on ongoing legal fees.
If you need a clear understanding of the foundations of contract law, the Contract Law Fundamentals Masterclass goes into the details of the formation of contracts, the rights and obligations of the parties to an agreement, potential vitiating factors in contracts, how to enforce a contract and appropriate remedies in the event of a contractual breach.

Make the leap from theory to practice – learn how to apply the legal concepts to the types of contracts that you would come across in your role.

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