In 2019, there‚Äôs been an increase in efforts to reduce Indigenous suicide prevention through programs, initiatives, government prioritisation, and resourcing. Yet today, Indigenous Australians still have some of the highest rates of self-harm and suicide in the world, especially among those aged between 5-17. There are continued challenges and sometimes confusion about who and what is being responded to in the suicide prevention sector. Robust conversation and dialogue must be had about what the challenges and opportunities are. We need to talk, we need to plan, and we need to act. 
Join us at the Indigenous Suicide Prevention Forum (Melbourne, December 4-6) to discuss how we can holistically address this human tragedy. Bringing together speakers from all corners of the suicide prevention space, the Indigenous Suicide Prevention Forum will showcase lived experience stories, evidence-based findings, culturally safe programs, community empowerment efforts, and national action plans. Integral to this discussion will be your participation, your ideas, and your teamwork, resulting in a written statement of intent that can be used to benchmark your work

  • Learn how to embed cultural safety within your community/organisation 
  • Workshop ways to implement empowering community led programs  
  • Discover how to engage youth in wellbeing activities and leadership 
  • Build skills to identify Indigenous Australians at-risk of self-harm 
  • Develop wellbeing programs that resonate with and employ Indigenous peoples 
  • Explore how to secure partnerships with key stakeholders  
  • Hear from Indigenous Australians with lived-experience stories  
  • Share ideas on the best ways to prevent Indigenous suicide  
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