In 1991, only 4,000 Indigenous workers were self-employed or working in business. Before COVID-19 hit, that number had reached 20,000, with further growth expected. It was widely hoped that 2020 would be the year that a concerted effort was made to help Indigenous entrepreneurs take the next step towards building capacity.  
As it turns out, 2020 has presented more obstacles for Indigenous business than anyone could have predicted. One element of the recent Black Lives Matter protests has been recognising the systemic nature of racism, which threatens to become more pronounced during these times of economic hardship. But thankfully, leaders within Indigenous industry are responding to ensure that Indigenous business continues to strengthen culture, support community, and build capacity.
The 2nd annual Indigenous Economic Development Summit, has been built in collaboration with these leaders to ensure delegates walk away with practical takeaways that they can use to protect and grow their own businesses and communities.

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